“Creation is the work of Spirit. Spirit is the source of all things. For a true scientific research, it is necessary to take the presence of Spirit into account in everything that surrounds us.” From the book ‘Travels through the World of Healing’, Clemente.

Irdin Editora and the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) express their reverence and their gratitude to their beloved friend and brother, Friar Ameino, through the video Tribute, done in honor of his passage to other planes of consciousness, on July 16 last.

The audiovisual mentioned above is composed of excerpts taken from two studies by Friar Ameino in the Figueira Light-Community: A Ciência da Morte”, (The Science of Death, available in Portuguese) recorded in May 2002, and “No Grande Laboratório de Vida” (“In the Great Laboratory of Life”, available in Portuguese), in 2006. These studies are compiled in a series called “Studies with Clemente,” also published by Irdin Editora.

In the last years of his life, and in the nature of a spiritual retreat, Friar Ameino dedicated himself to writing numerous articles on healing and health. He also prepared other projects that will soon be published by Irdin Editora. A lover and tireless researcher of nature until the last days on this material plane, he devoted himself to accompanying the development of the forests and the thickets of the Figueira Light-Community.

Friar Ameino (Clemente, Dr. José Maria Campos) was a consecrated monk of the Grace Mercy Order, clinical doctor, and above all, an unconventional researcher.

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