The Friends’ Market, an initiative of love, the result of a coming together of a group of friends who felt the impulse to do something more in order to collaborate with the Nova Terra Light-Community, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), has been active in the city of Teresópolis since the first week of August up to the 15th of September.

At the inauguration of the Market

The group is made up of collaborators who live in Teresópolis and joined forces for service initiatives for others in various charitable works in the city, and have always managed to achieve surprising results.

Open market

During this month, they gathered together various articles of a good quality such as clothing, accessories, shoes and bags, among other things, to be part of the market. They worked to obtain a site in the center of the city of Teresópolis so the market could be open to anyone who wanted to see and acquire everything that was available.

With various items

The Market was a success from the very first day, with many sales and a lot of positive interaction with the public, open from Monday to Friday, starting at 1 pm, and on Saturday, starting at 10 am.