The Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) is a humanitarian, charitable and environmental defense organization that, through the selfless service of its collaborators, has the mission of disseminating fellowship, love and universal peace.

Among the principles that permeate its actions and that of its affiliates, there are: Equality, Independence, Impartiality, Neutrality, Transparency, Respect for the Law, Morality, Consideration for Collaborators and Respect for Human Rights.

In order for those principles to be respected and practiced, a Compliance Program was created, the basis of which has a Code of Ethics and Conduct, so that all its workers, collaborators, volunteers, affiliates, partners or those who have any kind of legal, institutional or commercial connection with the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) and/or with its affiliated associations take them into account in carrying out their activities.

What is Compliance?

The term ‘Compliance’ means “to be in accordance with” acts, standards and laws, to commit to integrity. In the corporate sphere, an organization “in compliance” is one that, by strictly complying with and observing the legislation to which it is subject, and applying ethical principles in its decision-making, preserves its integrity and resilience.

Compliance Program of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF)

The Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) is starting its Compliance program with the adoption of a Code of Ethics and Conduct and with the creation of an internal complaints Channel that will be permanently monitored.

There will also be continuous trainings for all its collaborators, so they can understand the Program and are able to integrate it and put it into practice.

Find out about the main subjects of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF)

Key elements



Through this tool, it is possible to combat the risk of fraud, as well as other categories of operational risk, maintaining an ethical, transparent and vigilant conduct in relation to the activities carried out throughout all hierarchical levels of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF), and ensuring the respect for and fulfilment of good corporate governance and compliance practices.

Whenever any collaborator of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) and/or its affiliates, in good faith, suspects or witnesses any behavior that is contrary to the precepts described in its Code of Ethics and Conduct, they must report internally so that it can be promptly and objectively investigated, taking into account the reasonableness of the communication.

Reports may be made anonymously and the principles of confidentiality and non-retaliation will be respected for those reports made in good faith.
For this, an Ethics Channel and a specific department of Compliance have been established.

The email address of the Ethics Channel is: