Rede-Luz Planetária

The Light-Network is made up of a group of service-oriented people that seek to untiringly work for the common, social and spiritual good among beings.

It is an affiliate of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), whose work is based upon prayer, study and selfless service to the planet, humanity, and nature.

A collaborator of the Light-Network offers themself for building a spirit of solidarity and peace, and thus radiates light to the world, relief for those that suffer and a permanent giving of the self in service.

Activities of the Light-Network

  • Service: Active in nursing homes, daycare centers, shelters, orphanages, hospitals, prisons and works with the kingdoms of nature.
  • Dissemination of teachings: Dissemination of the material of Irdin Editora and the Associação Maria (Mary Association).
  • Support for the Marian Centers: Rhythms of service and dissemination.
  • Support in organizing events in cities where the groups are active: Organizing prayer meetings, organizing events held by the service associations.
  • Prayer: Virtual broadcasting at various times; Virtual prayer meetings.
  • Studies: Meetings for attending lectures; Study of the teachings through books, audio recorded conferences and spiritual messages.

To find out more about the Light-Network: fill in the form or send an email to: and we will contact you.

There are 259 groups that make up the Light-Network in 26 countries, brought together by selfless service in Humanitarian Missions, by the path of prayer and by philosophic knowledge.