21 November 2018|

A cure cannot be realized by knowledge of the Truth in the intellectual plane.

Book: Invisible Supply, from the Joel Goldsmith .


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Thu 22

Fixing of food for the community

22 November-08:00 - 11:30
Sun 25

Praying with the Virgin Mary

25 November-18:30 - 20:30
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Fraternidade and its Affiliates carry out Humanitarian Missions in several regions of the world, besides countless campaigns for the maintenance of frequent activities of humanitarian service.
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Many are the ways to contribute for the Missions and Campaigns of Fraternidade and its Affiliates. Learn about them, get involved and contribute! Your donations MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

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Donation of Miles

Contribute for the trips of the missionaries for the regions of the Humanitarian Missions

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Partner Companies

Your company can collaborate in many ways with Humanitarian Missions of Fraternidade and its Affiliates

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Voluntary Service

The offering of services is an important way to contribute for the Missions and Campaigns

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Learn about some activities that Fraternidade and its Affiliates carry out.

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Working together as a single Being

The Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, was created through the voluntary and selfless, joint effort of many collaborators, manifested in group experiences and in altruistic service in behalf of the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms, fostering the formation of several humanitarian and spiritual fronts within Brazil and in other countries.

Aiming at sowing love in humanity, we aspire to practice altruistic service, the experience of peace and fraternity among all the kingdoms of nature, the broadening of the consciousness of the human being, the contact with the life of the Spirit, the ecumenism among the religions and the expression of new patterns of life.