April 2019

“Communication about Health for Warao and Eñepa Indigenous people”

In a joint effort to support the populations that are most vulnerable to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the UN agency for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Institution Fraternity-International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) launch the booklet ‘Communication about Health for Warao and Eñepa Indigenous people‘, available in Portuguese, Spanish, and also in the native languages of this Indigenous population in situation of refuge in Brazil.

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September 2019

“Humanitarian Missions and Emergencies”

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May 2019

“Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions”

A book by the photographer and writer Ana Regina Nogueira, it details through tales and photographs the important action of the missionaries and volunteers of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, in global tragedies that took place from 2011 to 2018 in Brazil and more than 16 countries.

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Abril 2019

Protección de niños y adolescentes: Nuestro Bien Comúm”

A booklet published in partnership between Fraternidade and the UNICEF.

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