Fraternidade plays a fundamental role in integration, in accompaniment and in support to the work carried out by each of its affiliates, which comprise of the Light-Communities, the Light-Nucleus, the Service Associations, the Instruction Associations, the Religious Associations and the Marian Centers.

Service Associations

Instruction Associations
Religious Associations
Humanitarian Missions


The Light-Communities are five, i.e.: civil associations of communitarian group co-existence and spiritual ecumenical activity. They were created to express fraternal life, and represent the seed of a new humanity, based on principles and values oriented to the donation of the self.

In the Light-Communities, the practice of good, the giving of self and love forge the relationships and the standards of behavior, and frame the conduction of daily tasks, accompanied by prayer, study, music, retreat and selfless service to the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms.

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Light-Community of Figueira
(Minas Gerais, Brasil)

of the Brotherhood
(Córdoba, Argentina)

Light Community
Fraternity of Aurora
(Paysandu, Uruguai)

of the New Earth
(Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

of Fleur-de-Lys
(Fátima, Portugal)


The Light-Nucleus are five civil associations that are extensions of the Light-Communities. They are connected to the Communities and also to Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, opening opportunities to all who seek to expand their consciousness and collaborate with the spread of good and harmony among beings.

In the Light-Nucleus, it is possible to find a portal for the deepening of the spiritual quest and the perfecting of fraternal group co-existence. Various are the activities offered as a support to this quest, such as choir singing, cultivation of seeds, study groups, therapeutic procedures, food preparation, health care, and prayer, among the most important.

Following the same philosophy of the spiritual work conducted in the Light-Communities, all the tasks in the different nucleus are carried out by volunteers and sustained by spontaneous donations.

Sacred Heaven

(Minas Gerais, Brasil)

Sacred House of Mary
Mother of Sao Paulo

(São Paulo, Brasil)

Imaculate Relief
House of Suffering

(São Paulo, Brasil)

Sacred Kingdoms

(Distrito Federal, Brasil)

Flower of the Sacred
Tepui of Roraima

(Roraima, Brasil)


The Civil Service Associations affiliated are seven: Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions, the Light House on the Hill, the Francis of Assisi Park, the House of Christ of Good, the Light-Network of Federal District Association, Fraternity – International Humanitarian Association (Greece) and Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Association – Europe (FIHAE).

They were all created by volunteers and collaborators along the last decades, to fulfill the objectives proposed by Fraternidade. They carry out a series of activities that always focus on solidary help to human beings, animals and the environment with all of its ecosystems, aiming at diminishing pain and suffering, acting in emergencies and humanitarian crisis and returning humanity and dignity to those who need it. Anywhere in the world.

Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Missions
(Minas Gerais, Brasil)

House Luz da Colina
(Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Francisco de Assis Park
(Minas Gerais, Brazil)

House Cristo do Bem
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Associação Rede Luz
Distrito Federal
(Distrito Federal, Brasil)

Humanitaria Association

FAHIE – Fraternidade
Humanitária Internacional



The Instruction Associations represent the affiliates that must spread knowledge and instruction that collaborate in the awakening and maturity of human consciousness for innate and uplited values that may help the building of a society of fraternal traits, understanding, tolerance and service – both among human beings and with the other Kingdoms of Nature that evolve with us on the planet.

Association Irdin Editora
(Minas Gerais, Brasil)

Irdin – Association in Europe

Shasti Association


Based on the ecumenical spiritual philosophy of Jose Trigueirinho Netto, the Fraternidade is connected to two religious associations also of an ecumenical character: the Grace Mercy Order (OGM) and the Mary Association, the Mother of the Divine Conception.

The quest for spiritual evolution, the ecumenical experience of the principles of Universal Love, the path towards a life of evolutionary group service, and the aspiration to a sacred living have always been the bases for the development of the works of the Grace Mercy Order, of its monasteries and also of the Marian Centers.

Ordem Graça Misericórdia

Grace Mercy Order
(25 Monastérios)

Association Mary
Mother of the Divine Conception
(Marians Centers)


A Marian Center is an ecumenical sanctuary. There are five Marian Centers, three in Brazil, one in Uruguay and one in Argentina. They attract pilgrims from around the globe, who come to express their devotion to the Most Holy Mary, and are considered points of Light on the planet, where collaborators and pilgrims gather together to contemplate, pray and renew their devotion, so that peace may reign in humanity and on the planet.

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