Comunidade-Luz Flor de Lys

Light-Community of Fleur-de-Lys

Fátima, Portugal

The Flor de Lys Light-Community, located in Fatima, Portugal, is the most active branch at this time of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) on the European continent.

The communal life permanently brings together resident and stable members consecrated to the monastic life dedicated to the manifestation of an evolutionary group life, in harmony and balance with nature, holding prayer, instruction and service as their “field of cultivation,” of development and the offering of self. The constant presence of members of the Light-Network, collaborators and sympathizers of the work, broadens, strengthens and helps build communal life. Besides the daily rhythms, the community organizes regular meetings in different areas, aimed at the inner, spiritual and practical formation of individuals and group.

Areas of Experience: Selfless Service, Group Life and Ecumenical and Spiritual Activities


* Click here to read the Spiritual Act of the foundation of the Flor de Lys Light-Community.

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Corporate name: Ordem Graça Misericórdia
NIPC: 592012034

Banco Santander Totta
R. Jacinta Marto 157, 2495-450
Fátima, Portugal

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