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About the Entity:

Answer: The Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) carries out its projects thanks to the spontaneous donations it receives. Each collaboration is very important!

If you too feel the impulse to collaborate, it is possible to make a donation through PayPal, a credit card, a bank transfer, a deposit, or personally in the Nuclei and Communities. For more information on the various ways, go to this link:


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Go to our webpage Here you will find updated contact information for our Communications Sector, and you can also register as a reporter.

About the Light-Community:

To get to know the Figueira Light-Community, and find out how to get there, you can make contact by phone or email:
Tel: (35) 3225-3102 and (35) 999113714 or Email:

Because of the pandemic, at this time the Figueira Light-Community is not receiving people, obeying the health guidelines and protocols of the official national and local health agencies.

The Figueira Light-Community and its activities are supported by spontaneous donations of those who collaborate in the Work, as well as those that go to the Community.

Relating to the costs of visiting the Figueira Light-Community, be prepared for the travel expenses both coming and going, as the nearby city is small and with few banking services.

When making contact for information on finding out about the Community, all information necessary for your stay will be provided.

We emphasize that life in the Light-Community is simple in all ways of its expression: in the food, in the lodging, in the clothes.

In the Figueira Light-Community, people dress simply and discretely.

We recommend the use of appropriate clothes and shoes, that provide personal comfort and safety for daily activities, including work outdoors and in nature.

The weather usually changes in temperature throughout the day, requiring warm clothing at dawn and dusk, and lighter clothes during the day. A raincoat is also necessary.

If you feel an affinity for community life, with the practice of a fraternal life and all that this implies;
If you love working with music that is born of the heart;
If you love contact and work with Nature, such as crops, vegetable gardens, orchards and animals;
If you love praying, working and contemplating;
If you are determined to practice compassion and, together with us, wish to build for the Common Good;
Then you will be welcome.