Light-Nucleus Sacred Kingdoms

Brasília, DF, Brazil

Situated 60 km from the Federal Capital, in the rural region of Planaltina, Federal District, on the banks of the Pipiripau River, the Sacred Kingdoms Light-Nucleus of Brasilia is a place blessed by a vast abundance of nature.

The Nucleus expresses itself in service to the different Kingdoms of Nature: Human, Mineral, Plant and Animal, so that through that offering, humanity may come to know the essence of fraternity and unity among all the creatures of the planet.

Founded in August of 2018, it aligns monastic life with group life in the integration of the Mother of the Sun Monastery, of the Grace Mercy Order (GMO) with the local Light-Network, through weekly meetings of prayer, vigils, collective work, food preparation, plantings, and the care and rescue of abandoned animals.
Also in the Nucleus, there are monthly meetings with young people, in which several subjects are addressed so they may understand the values of a life grounded in prayer, in peaceful actions through humanitarian service, and of union with the essence of nature.

Besides the local rhythm of group life, the Nucleus brings together, fraternally, the groups of the Light-Network of the region of Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, to walk together in this school of love and evolutionary cooperation.

Areas of experience: Selfless Service, Group Living, Care of Nature, Ecumenical and Spiritual Activities.


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Corporate name: Associação Rede-Luz Distrito Federal
CNPJ: 26.710.578/0001-25

Ag: 3475-4
C/C: 34551-2