Comunidade-Luz Flor do Sagrado Tepui de Roraima

Light-Community Flor do Sagrado Tepui of Roraima

Boa Vista, RR, Brazil

The Light-Community Flor do Sagrado Tepui of Roraima, in the municipality of Boa Vista, has the objective of supporting spiritual, human service and social activities in line with Christic principles of existence, which are the foundation of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF). It began its activities as a Nucleus in November of 2016, and was instituted as a Light-Community in 2021.

With the start of the Roraima Humanitarian Mission, even during the early days of its creation, the activities of the Light-Community, while it still manifested as a Light-Nucleus, were focused on the important task of supporting together the beginning of the activities, with the Sagrada Humildade de São José Monastery, that they developed together with the Venezuelan immigrants who were arriving in Brazil in that region.

Currently, improvement projects for its facilities are being developed, as well as the beginning of the construction in the rural area of Boa Vista; also, an expansion in the development of its activities of a spiritual character and service to the Kingdoms of Nature: Human, Mineral, Animal and Plant.

The Light-Community Roraima is going through its pioneering phase and the tasks carried out are of a basic harmonization in the Lands of the Light-Community and in a neighboring leased property known as the Support Lands.

The Light-Community Flor do Sagrado Tepui of Roraima is building the structure for its Service Network with the participation of the Grace Mercy Order monasteries, the Light-Network and collaborators.

Another field of service of the Service Network is connected with the partnership with the Indigenous Cultural and Training Centre (CCFI), which is active in the development of lasting solutions and livelihoods within the Roraima Humanitarian Mission.

Together with the CCFI and other partner organizations, it collects and organizes items such as food and clothing to donate to Venezuelan and Brazilian indigenous institutions and groups that are outside the shelters.

It offers lodging, community meals and medical and nursing assistance, besides natural therapies for the collaborators of the Roraima Mission active in Boa Vista. For a development and expansion of consciousness, it offers the Liturgy during various times of group prayer.

Areas of Activity: Selfless Service, Group Experience, Care of Nature and Ecumenical and Spiritual Activities.

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CNPJ: 44.803.838/0001-99

Bank Itaú: Ag: 1352 | C/C: 99416-2