We often don’t realize how quickly children grow. If a few months make a difference, let alone a few years…

Some collaborators who know and follow the Light-Community New Earth, affiliated to the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), from time to time ask us: what about the children?

Maria da Paz with her brothers and mother, Galilea, following her practical test in the First Aid course.

The children have grown into young people and adults, each with their own quest. Many of them are heading towards a professional life in different areas of knowledge, through technical and undergraduate courses.

Photos taken by Clarissa

For those who know them, we have some examples to mention, such as Clarissa and Vicente, young people who have recently completed a professional photography course; or Maria da Paz, who completed the First Aid course and is completing the Nursing technician course; Agnes, who is majoring in Psychology and Performing Arts and has just signed a contract with a large agency in Rio de Janeiro, and others who are investing in studies in the areas of Gastronomy, Podiatry, sports, languages, etc.

Maria do Alívio do Sofrimento, on her Gastronomy course

It is a challenging phase, as it is for every young person who seeks to find the best way to express their gifts and talents and still make a difference on this planet.

Agnes as a model and actress

There are also young people who choose to take some steps towards maturity, taking on tasks and sectors and helping to sustain the day-to-day life of the Light-Communities.

Christian helping in the carpentry shop at the Light-Community 

Even with all this movement, it does not mean that there are no more children in the Light-Community New Earth; They are here and they keep coming.

Whatever each person’s destiny may be, may everyone choose goodness and peace as basic principles for their lives and be in the world what they came to be.

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