Nutrition is a very broad field of possibilities, as the abundance of food in the Plant Kingdom is remarkable!

To break away from the conventional, the Light-Community New Earth, affiliated to the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), sought alternatives to move beyond the “rice and beans” and created a dedicated space for this task: an experimental kitchen.

In this kitchen, there are food processors, a dehydrator, and various ingredients that allow for the creation of new food combinations, ranging from dehydrated bananas to chocolate ice cream with soy milk, from sauerkraut to peanut butter, from sun-dried tomatoes to sprouts, and so on.

“Children really enjoy exploring these spaces; after all, it’s all about experiences for them. And these experiences are filled with love, especially in caring for the utilization of foods, such as with dehydrated ones,” say the members of the Light-Community New Earth.

And you? Do you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, seeking more nutritious and sustainable alternatives? Come join us!