Lieutenant Jaime and part of GAAP

The Light-Community New Earth, affiliated with the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), is officially becoming a Civil Protection and Defense Center (NUPDEC) in the Serra do Capim region, a rural neighborhood of Teresopolis.

In the second half of August, two important meetings took place between the coordinators of GAAP – Love Group and Preventive Action of the Light-Community New Earth and firefighters Lieutenant Jaime and Major Pimentel, for the formal officialization of NUPDEC.

The Civil Protection and Defense Center (Nupdec) is a very important link in the National Civil Defense System, formed by a community group that, through voluntary work and solidarity, contributes to preventive actions in risk areas, in addition to guiding and providing more immediate assistance in disaster and emergency situations.

Since 2011, when floods and landslides occurred in Teresopolis, we have been noticed by the Fire Department for providing prompt assistance to many risky situations, and as well for several families who suffered the consequences of those situations. From then on, we were named a Nudec – old version of Nupdec.

After the meeting at the Fire Department headquarters in Teresopolis

“In this cycle, the proposal is to receive various trainings within the scope of disaster prevention in general. As we are a point of reference for Civil Defense, all information we send for alert will be considered and acted upon. Furthermore, we will be able to provide immediate assistance in different situations through the training we will receive for each case,” say the members of the Light-Community New Earth. 

And they reaffirm: “This is an important partnership for these times the planet is living in, when service to others knocks on the door and readiness is so necessary.”

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