Light-Community of Brotherhood and Light-Network join forces to provide assistance to Sin Estribos Foundation, in Córdoba, Argentina

It is said that whoever gives, receives even more. It was in this spirit that, on Saturday, August 26th, the entire Light-Community of Brotherhood, affiliated to the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), decided to get out of their routine. With the exception of two of its members, all the other members went to serve and provide assistance to the Sin Estribos Foundation (Foundation Without Stirrups), located on the road to Río Ceballos, in Córdoba, Argentina. In 2018, the Light-Community promoted some missionary service meetings at the Foundation. However, they were paused during the pandemic period, and have only now been able to resume.

Sin Estribos Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care, defense and shelter of animals, especially horses, which also seeks to raise awareness among the population about the defense and protection of animals. Both the maintenance of the Foundation’s space and the care of the animals are maintained through voluntary collaboration. With this intention, this meeting of service and collaboration was organized, which brought together, in addition to members of the Light-Community, some collaborators from the Planetary Light-Network in the region and regular volunteers from the Foundation, totaling 24 volunteer collaborators.

Right at the beginning, in the presence of dogs, roosters and some horses, everyone gathered to distribute and meet the day’s needs. These included cleaning the stables, maintaining the fences and arranging medicines and the healing space for the horses. All the tasks presented were carried out within the principle of selfless service and as a group, so that everyone found themselves benefiting and renewed by this hidden alchemy of giving and receiving.

As Viviana, resident of the Light-Community, reported: “It was a pleasant experience to share among the participants. It was possible to truly feel the unity, the fraternity between everyone. It was very special to work with the Animal Kingdom.” According to her, the most rewarding experience was when she interacted with the horse Aurora. Viviana was given the task of walking Aurora, but was careful to keep her at a certain distance. But it happened that “at a certain point she came very close to me; It was a very pleasant, very deep feeling. The animal radiated a lot of peace, a lot of love, a lot of harmony.”

Marcos, one of the Córdoba’s Light-Network veteran participants, who has been following the services provided by the group at the Foundation since 2018, emphasized the need for help in this space and his aspiration to continue helping. He reported that “the first sensation was the joy of the reunion; meeting again not only the people, but the whole place, the spirit of the place that has to do with rescuing animals. And I felt that there was more need than before, the place has less support than before.”

This observation by Marcos serves to remind us that need is abundant everywhere. However, using the example of this work carried out this weekend, it is through the action of human beings, in service and charitable donation, that assistance is made possible so that initiatives such as the Foundation’s are strengthened, in addition to receiving the fruits of mutual collaboration.