Light-Nucleus Imaculate Relief House of Suffering

São Carlos, SP, Brazil

The Figueira Light-Nucleus in São Carlos – Immaculate House for the Relief of Suffering, was founded in the early 1990s in the city of São Carlos, in the paulista interior. A non-profit institution, it is maintained through donations to sustain the services provided for free to the population, especially the elderly that live in nursing homes, assistance to families on the outskirts, as well as adolescents and young people, so they may wake up to a life based on ethical and altruistic values.

The elderly are offered handicraft workshops and times for recreation. For the children and young people, the main activities are music workshops and various kinds of handicrafts, besides playful games.

The Nucleus keeps the doors open every day for those who are seeking peace and aspire to new patterns of life, as well as for meetings of prayer that are done by the Monastery of Transfiguration, located in the Nucleus and allied with the Grace Mercy Order (GMO).

Areas of experience: Selfless Service, Group Living, Education, Art and Culture, Care of Nature and Ecumenical and Spiritual Activities.


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Corporate Name: Núcleo Figueira em São Carlos
CNPJ:  23.199.015/0001-26
Ag: 6509-9
C/C: 118.110-6