On this day when Father’s Day is celebrated, we have in this video a moving story about Felipe, who devastated by pain, with difficulty even walking, was “taken by the arm,” as he says, by the missionaries of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) and taken into one of the shelters of the Roraima Mission.

Being the father of one of the teachers in the shelter, Felipe felt that he should be an example to all staying there and he opened up to a fraternal coexistence, which little by little flooded his heart with gratitude. Today he is one of the aidamos (chiefs) of the Janokoida Shelter in Pacaraima.

A year and a half later, as a human being and father, visibly moved, he thanks God for what he received as knowledge, love, and caring, and he says: “we want our children to have a future someday, that they may be a prepared people, and for this we have to thank the people of the Fraternity.”

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