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PERMANENT Roraima Mission

Active since November 2016

Humanitarian Roraima Mission has completed two years of partnership with UNHCR – the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Throughout this period, there was a significant expansion of the activities of Fraternidade in Roraima, which is currently managing 5 shelters (4 in Boa Vista and 1 in Pacaraima), and, besides the project in partnership with the UNHCR, is also administering resources coming from projects financed by other institutions. Since July 2018, Fraternidade has also signed a partnership with the UNICEF – United Nations Children’s Funds, for the development of Intercultural Education in the indigenous shelters. The project, which is being expanded to all shelters that welcome Venezuelan children, aims at helping the children and training them for inclusion in the official Brazilian public educational system. The expectation is to help about 1,700 children by October.

Roraima Mission has contribution from some UN agencies,
designated exclusively for activities related to those benefitted in the shelter.

Some needs require your support:

Feeding collaborators and missionaries of the Nucleus of Figueira in Boa Vista

Travel and transportation of missionaries, including air miles

House maintenance of the Nucleus of Figueira in Boa Vista

Replacement of missionary uniforms

Vehicle maintenance

Expenses with animals


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