For 13 days, a fire in the region of Cordoba, Argentina, destroyed more than 40 thousand hectares (99,000 acres) of native forests, brush, and pastures, including 100 hectares (250 acres) where the Light-Community of the Brotherhood was active in regenerating the Plant Kingdom with plantings of native trees, agroforestry systems, and other activities connected with community life.

Comunidade-Luz da Irmandade

The fires started at dawn on Saturday, August 15, close to the Villa Albertina, in the department of Ischilín. After two days, the flames had spread because of the dry spell and the strong winds.

The members of the Community had to be evacuated on August 23, when the fire reached their locality, but according to Lúcia, a resident of the Light-Community, “thank God and the network of prayer that was activated at that moment, the fire did not burn down the buildings, nor the water tanks or the space of the agroforestry assigned for the production of food.”

A time for restoration and a fresh start

Upon returning to the locality after several days, the members of the Community went to work, cleaning the area, mending the burnt conduits, continuing with the construction of the greenhouse and preparing the compost for fertilizing the soil for the next planting.

Lúcia comments that through service, the group “is bringing a little hope to the devastated area, offering tasks of restoration for the Kingdoms of Nature.”

The members of the Light-Community of the Brotherhood demonstrate in practice what they learned with nature: it is always time to restore what was damaged and begin new cycles.