On Thursdays, the Light-Community New Earth, affiliated to the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), unites in a single activity: the Mutirão of Saint Joseph.

“We know that mutirões manifest what in everyday life we ​​are unable to complete or even start. Large-scale tasks, important changes, deep cleaning, extensive harvesting, among other activities,” explain the members of the Light-Community. 

Painting and maintenance of the gardens at the  Heart of Jesus House

From the youngest to the oldest, everyone participates as they can, children, young people, adults, men, women, the elderly and anyone else who wants to, because there is a place for everyone, you just need to be within a single spirit: that of unity.

“It is in mutirões that strength goes beyond the physical and that the results go beyond what is seen. For those who experience being part of a joint effort, the energy of the group and its potential are clear and almost palpable. At the end of a mutirão, everyone feels internally revitalized, because there is no division, there is no dispersion, but a single purpose that goes beyond the fulfillment of the proposed task,” they believe.

Forming new seedlings for planting

The members of the Light-Community New Earth also emphasize that “the mutirões receive the impulses for the evolutionary group life, since the human being must learn to live in union with the others and with the Kingdoms of Nature, thus planting the seed to the New Earth.”

And they pray that, “these joint efforts inspire humanity to group service, not for itself, but for a greater purpose and for the benefit of all.”

Repairs to the refectory chairs made in the carpentry shop

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