Planting a tree is an act full of meanings; for us, for them and for the environment

In the Light-Community New Earth, affiliated to the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), starting in 2019 a movement towards them began, along with the expansion of cultivation and care for the Plant Kingdom.

Jatobá seedling forming

The Light-Community has already brought other articles that address the theme of planting, when it told us a little about the vegetables grown for the residents’ own consumption and the aspiration to move towards a sustainable future. But trees deserve a separate chapter.

Fruit seedlings ready to be planted

Since 2019, countless trees have been planted in the Light-Community New Earth, and these are just a few: acerola, blackberry, pitanga, jabuticaba, guava, araçá, plum, lychee, orange, lemon, ponkan, ingá, breadfruit, cocoa, coffee , soursop, cupuaçu, açaí, avocado, ipê, moringa, maranhão chestnut, fig, jatobá, guapuruvú, jackfruit, abiu, acacia, sibipiruna, mulungu, persimmon and many other species.

“Many seedlings of these trees were formed by ourselves through seeds. The others have already arrived here as ready-made seedlings, as is the case with the nine olive trees that were donated with great love by members of the Light-Network,” say the residents of the Light-Community New Earth.

Planting different seedlings

“And even though many of them produce delicious fruits, which will sustain us abundantly in the future, their role goes further,” they explain.

“Having an agroforest by our side is something that brings to the Light-Community the broader presence of the consciousness of the Plant Kingdom participating in the construction of this New Earth. Trees not only provide fruit, but shelter and are a reference for other animals, protect and support smaller plants, provide organic matter with their leaves and fruits, purify the air and embrace us with their refreshing shade,” emphasize the residents.

Joint effort to plant fruit trees

Different groups of orchards were created so that the entire Light-Community can receive their benefits, while also being able to repay them for the same donation through care and management so that they grow and develop with respect and harmony.

“We also know that trees are guardians who inspire us to connect with all the greatness of nature through its verticality and strength. Their presence is indispensable in the evolutionary path of any being,” they report.

Fig ripening

May this responsibility with the Kingdoms of Nature expand for generations and may many people reap these fruits of love!