Since 2014, the Network-of-Light of Guaruja has been conducting a service activity in the community of Morrinhos IV, one of the places of greatest social-economic need in the city of Guaruja, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The group receives donations of foods (fruits, greens, vegetables, clothes, footwear, toys etc), and makes donations once a week. At the beginning, there were few families, and the number of those assisted quickly grew.

Today there are 86 registered families and a waiting queue of another 23 families. It was necessary to register the families so that the group could identify each family and its real needs.

In parallel to the activities of service, the meetings take place weekly for prayer and group updating. Such meetings have always been the basis of union, of fraternity and of the spiritual strengthening of those involved. In group, the need has always been highlighted to expand the possibilities of service and to deepen the contact with the families and the children. o contato com as famílias e crianças.

Learning support

Many activities that should be done were recognized, such as learning support, playful activities, workshops with adults and children, notions of communitarian vegetable garden, among others. But their implementation demanded an adequate space. However, the reality of the group did not show other possibilities and the it remained only with the activities of service on the street.

In 2016, the group was able to expand even more the activities of donation, after its enrolment at the Ministry of Agriculture as representatives of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation. With this, it began to receive donations of the excess food samples retrieved at the Port of Santos.

In 2017, the Network-of-Light group of Santos was created, and since then these brothers and sisters united their efforts and managed to always support some activities that the Network-of-Light of Guaruja offers. An example of this support is the layette kit for babies offered by the group of Santos to each pregnant woman of the Community of Morrinhos IV and of other communities. The kit is received by the mothers-to-be, who are normally young women with a difficult social and economic situation.

This group union has generated fruits and, at the beginning of December 2017, it was recognized and revered as a sacred opportunity of growth and expansion of the service rendered.

The new phase of group service

“Sacred Room of Christic Charity”

In 2018, people who are not part of the Network-of-Light learned about the activities of the groups of Guaruja and Santos and decided to help. They are sensitive people, willing to collaborate, who recognized in all activities a commitment with the truth, transparency and love for one’s neighbor.

On May 1st, a small room was rented and, on May 9, the group inaugurated its activities of service in the new space. Thus, the possibility arose of leaving the street and conducting the activities in a sheltered place, with better conditions. The room was named “Sacred Room of Christic Charity”.

“This day has marked a new cycle among everyone. Our hearts perceived gratitude in each look… someday we will recognize the fruit of this seed called love. It was a day full of activities and joy. We could finalize other details of the room and offered the first learning support”, commented Rosi Freitas, a member of the Network-of-Light.

In a message of Saint Joseph of January 19, 2016, transmitted to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús, these groups were able to find their inspiration and the confirmation for the new step they were being invited to take.

According to Wanderley Freitas, the energy of the room is increasingly better: “I could perceive the joy of the children. It was really gratifying. It seems that Saint Joseph accepted yet this cause”.

On her turn, the supporter Erika Melo expressed her gratitude to the group with the words: “I have no words to describe my eternal gratitude to you, who are accomplishing this gorgeous work! A vow of a night of peace and my thank you to all of you!”

Although the space is small, it adapts to the group necessity. With the inauguration of the Sacred Room, the distribution of food becomes weekly. On May 12, the first class of learning support was offered to the children. Three classes were organized. They are children that are interested in receiving an extra support and others that need support in their process of literacy.

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