The Network-of-Light is one of the areas of the Federation that has as its purpose creating groups and encouraging them to perform tasks of prayer, selfless service and study. Above all, participation in this network represents the effor to respond to an aspiration that is born within each one. It is not simply an action of good will, but feeling of being a part of a greater work.

In light of this statement, one may ask what drives us to participate in this work?. When we come into contact with any of the fields of action of the Fraternidade, as for example the Teaching, the Communities-of-Light, Nuclei-of-Light, the Associations and groups of the Network-of-Light, something inside us senses a recognition, and there arises an impulse of joining with this proposal of living in cooperation and fraternal union.

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Our hearts invite us to be servers and to bring to our everyday lives, to our neighbors, and to the cities where we live, the permanent exercise of prayer, of study and of selfless service. “God in me and in my brothers and sisters”, says a prayer. In this moment, the groups of the Network-of-Light are born: people internally touched by peace, by fraternity, by God, who gather in groups to work for the common good.

The beauty and the joy that are a part of the tasks of the Network-of-Light do not exclude the great challenge of our working in group. Being a member of the Network-of-Light means making an effort for the group task to be a priority. And this is possible when the effort of the group is such as to fulfill the Will of God.

Message transmitted by the Universal Mother,

on December 24, 2012, in Aurora, Uruguay.

As the Immaculate Heart, I want to weave once again in your lives the definitive Network-of-Light of service, of healing in the most suffering, of universal and planetary prayer and of constant instruction of my maternal words.

With this, my children, I tell you that today, Christmas Eve, the Christ is born through the expression of all the Marian missionaries of the Universal Network-of-Light, because My Maternal Heart accompanies the design of the Plan of the Most High through the projects made by the selfless and sincere donation of the souls on Earth.

Christ is born on this Christmas Eve under the light and love of all the missionaries of the Universal Network-of-Light who adore His Sacred and Blessed Heart.

Dear children, may this meeting with Me, in this glorified day, be a reason for joy, because, through the missionary works of the Universal Network-of-Light the Father saves souls and ignites hope, healing, service and prayer in those who have lost Him.

By the existence of the Planetary Network-of-Light, God may show His children His will and the needs that many of My children live in this time of transition.

May this new Star of Bethlehem of the Universal Network-of-Light deeply unite you with the Divine Consciousness of God, so that you may recognize in the Love of the Most High His absolute Will.

May through the integral donation of all the Missionaries-of-Light, my neediest children be born once again in this time under the Redeeming Love of My Son.

Dear children, may the Universal Network-of-Light, blessed and consecrated today to the Co-redeeming work of My Immaculate Heart, radiate the following and blessed principles to the souls and to the whole planet:

  1. Be the soul that illumines and guides the future of the hearts.

  2. Disseminate the Immaculate Love of Mary, as a spring of mercy for the souls

  3. Open the doors of heaven through the devotion of the believers and pilgrims of Mary.

  4. Alleviate the human pain so that the healing of the Christic Spirit may manifest in each being.

  5. Recognize Jesus Christ in each soul of this world.

  6. Propagate peace in the world by means of the works of healing, prayer and instruction.

  7. Serve untiringly, out of love for those who must reach the Light of God.

  8. Share the ecumenical and Christic fraternity through the union with all the groups of prayer.

  9. Take, to the life of each consciousness, the law of the Instructions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

  10. Promise to God and to His Universal Creation to work for Peace and for Goodness in the neediest.

  11. Build, through the heart and through instruction, the announcement of the redeeming coming of the Christ the King.

Dear children, many principles of Light and of Peace may be found when, in the Universal Network-of-Light, you just work with the hope that the whole humankind reaches the redemption before God the Father.

Through the united and fraternal service among the souls, My Maternal Heart calls you to recognize that your purpose is that the whole world may live the much awaited for years of peace, years that will rebuild the humankind and the Kingdoms.

My children, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I consecrate this new star of the Universal Network-of-Light, in the name of the Father, of the Love of the Son and of the perpetual guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Hallelujah Amen
I thank all for being participants in this blessed day of peace.
Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

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