Reports of the Network-of-Light – texts sent by volunteers of the groups of service

Another perception, another feeling and another perspective was expressed recently to the group of the Network-of-Light of Guarujá by means of a very dear person assisted by the group.

In July 2016, the group Network-of-Light of Guarujá was activated to attend a merchant who makes weekly donations of fruits, vegetables and greens.

Her name is Jaque, a 30-year-old young woman, pregnant of twins, mother of a nine-year-old boy, who, before knowing about the pregnancy of the twins, had perceived she was losing physical sight due to glaucoma.

The needs were numerous, but with a lot of joy in the heart and willingness to serve, the group made a great mobilization: raised many donations of drapes and other items for the outfit of the babies, as well as items for the building of a home in better conditions to receive the new members of the family.

It was a difficult moment in the life of Jaque, a moment of much turbulence, but she trusted and believed in God. The new condition of physical limitations seems to have served as an incentive for the development of the inner senses of the young woman, who did not detain in the negative aspects of what presented itself. Her gratitude was evident. The force of this mother only strengthened us, it was an example of resilience, and brought us a situation that offered us an enormous learning. From that moment on, Jaque was born again. She learned to see values that so far, with the external sight, she had ignored.

Although God expresses Himself in different and sometimes manners that are surprising to our eyes, no matter what happens, when the events are guided by God, He provides the means to supply the real needs derived from the difficulties that are not under our control. And this is what happened, whether by means of the help she received through the group or through the faith she kept in Him: “God uses the life of people, and the life of this group was used to bless me, because whenever I have some doubt, God gives me a sign. God gave me the babies and it is He who will look after the children”, said Jaque.

Weeks ago, at the beginning of the month of March, another need arose: the milk.

The group mobilized again and managed to supply the babies with milk for some more months.

To our surprise, when receiving the donation of the milk, Jaque, though without the physical sight, already recognized the group with her inner senses: “When you arrive, it seems that a presence radiates itself…it is as if the sky opened and peace were radiated”, commented Jaque.