Today we will tell a little bit of the story of how the large animals arrived in the Light-Community New Earth, affiliated with the Fraternity – InternationalHumanitarian Federation (FIHF). After all, it’s not every day that you adopt a horse, a cow or a pig.

Perolado and Pama

Their story is part of the history of the Light-Community. They’ve always been there in some way over the years. Some arrived through people who had consciously adopted them and who loved their animals, but had to let them go because they could no longer offer the necessary care that each one requires, sometimes due to lack of space or financial condition.

These people looked to the members of the Light-Community in confidence, so that they could receive them and take care of their beloved animals with great love. A great responsibility accepted by everyone with great affection, as was the case with the horse Amado, some cows and the pig Didica, for example.

Juan Pio and Didica

Others already arrived with a not so happy story. They arrived through complaints of mistreatment and abandonment, or else, the members of the Light-Community themselves witnessed the animal suffering on the spot and rescued it. This was the case, for example, of the horse Kantaka, and of most horses. What do you mean by most horses?

Yes, most of the horses that are in the Light-Community were freed from the life they had of pulling carts on the island of Paquetá, in Rio de Janeiro. There they spent many hours in the sun every day, without enough water or food, and they worked all day long, as cars are not used there for transportation. A group of activists in favor of the rights of the animals obtained an authorization to release them from this situation, and, promptly, they were sent to the Light-Community.

Horses in the pasture

Some cows were already here, when the farm was bought, and they have always been fine, but others came also in groups, released from a situation that was not very dignified for them, on a farm that focused on tourism and animal exhibition.

Cows in the corral

Other sanctuaries that take care of animals such as the Gnomes’ Ranch and the Fairies’ Sanctuary also sought out the Light-Community to take in some pigs, cows, goats and horses at a time when they were not in a position to take care of them, but they always accompanied them with love.

Pigs in the piggy bank

There are hundreds of stories that are collected in the hearts of everyone that is part of the Light-Community about each of these beautiful and affectionate beings who apparently do not show much affection for human beings, but on the contrary, are a door to love within the Animal Kingdom.

Before finishing, we will still tell the story of the Nazareno, a very sweet donkey.


In 1998, it lived on a farm near the Light-Community,  but it always looked downcast and without much stimulation or human contact. The owner was asked if he would like to donate that donkey, as it was not well, but he did not accept.

Later, thinking about what they could offer for the donkey, the members of the Light-Community offered the owner a stereo and a television that they had, but didn’t use much. Said and done: at that moment Narazeno became a member of the New Earth Light-Community and today he lives happily, much loved, making his peculiar sounds and playing in the pastures.

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