The family concept can have many meanings, depending on each person’s point of view. But from the point of view of a life in fraternity and harmony with all human beings, Kingdoms of Nature, and the planet, the family attains a universal concept.

If we are children of a single Creator Father and unique Divine Mother, then all living creatures and all the elements are our siblings, which were born of the same supreme source.

Família na Comunidade-Luz Nova Terra

Each being and creature walks on different steps of evolution toward the House of the Father, and we are so different in so many aspects that the infinity of forms, colors, sizes, temperaments and lessons of each one is visible.

However, the Father chose to place all this diversity on a single planet so that we could discover love together. So that we could learn from each other, complete each other, take care of each other, and grow together, even when all are so different.

And that is what makes our planet and its school of love so special, while at the same time so challenging.

The proposal of the Light-Community of the New Earth, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), is not too different from the idea of the Father for the planet…, here the motto “Consciousness through Coexistence” proposes that everyone, without exception, may be healed, may expand the consciousness and evolve in love through that diversified coexistence, where animals, plants, children, the elderly, youths, blacks, whites, the tall, the short, the rich, the poor, fat and thin can forget about those concepts and expand the barriers of the consciousness in a daily practice of seeing another as a sibling carrying Divine light.

Família na Comunidade-Luz Nova Terra

When Pama, coordinator of the Light-Community of the New Earth  offered to adopt more than 40 children without question or conditions, she planted a seed of inclusivity here through love, and even when other families come here, prepared to join the work, we will always continue with this proposal of trying to see beyond the external, of deepening our universal fraternity, where all are children and all are fathers and mothers.

Taking care of each other, paying attention to the younger children, teaching and nurturing are attributes of motherhood that we can all bring forth. Safeguarding, teaching, protecting and pioneering are all attributes of fatherhood that we can also manifest. We all need to be loved as children and we also need to love as fathers and mothers.

In this constant practice, and by no means easy, lies the challenge and the hope that the seed of fraternity is able to expand to all siblings on the planet.

Família na Comunidade-Luz Nova Terra