The Tibetan Park School emerged in 2010, in the city of Carmo da Cachoeira/MG, as a collaborative educational initiative, with the purpose of welcoming children and young people from families who arrived at the Figueira Light-Community, affiliated to the Fraternity – InternationalHumanitarian Federation (FIHF). Over the years, the school has been growing and, today, it has around 50 children and young people, enrolled in classes ranging from Early Childhood Education to Elementary School.

With the purpose of offering a quality education focused on the integral formation of the being and that promotes the culture of peace, the Tibetan Park School adopts its own teaching and learning methodology, proposing to carry out a synthesis of different pedagogical lines that dialogue with contributions from Anthroposophy, Waldorf Pedagogy, Project Methodology and the foundations of Emergency Pedagogy.

“Our purpose is to offer a lively education, focused on the development of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of children and young people”, explains Joana Christo, the School’s Principal. To offer an education that is accessible to all, the institution does not charge a monthly fee. “We are a collaborative school, parents who can contribute financially or with voluntary work do it to sustain the functioning of the school”, she says.

The challenge to sustain itself is great and, therefore, in view of the emerging need to cover the final costs of 2022 and manage to start the year in 2023, is that the school is launching a fundraising campaign and is looking for supporters, who identify with its educational project to become part of the school’s support network.

“We invite everyone to join us and also take care of the seed-children who will make a better world sprout!”

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Contact: (35) 99700 3049 com Joana and (35) 99857 8776 com Irmã Juana de La Cruz