Participants of the Argentinian groups Salta Light-Network and Córdoba Light-Network, which develop social work supported by Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, have recently undertaken several activities to support FUNDAC – Fundación de Ayuda Comunitaria (Community Aid Foundation), an institution dedicated to helping indigenous communities of the Wichi ethnic group, located in the Tartagal region of Salta, on the Argentine border with Bolivia.

When informed that FUNDAC needed help bringing food and clothing to the indigenous, the coordinators of the Light-Network – Claudia del Castillo, from Salta; Mabel Jozami and Marcos Renaudo of Córdoba – mobilized to get donations and resources for the acquisition of basic baskets. But part of the volunteers went in the kitchen to prepare a very tasty and traditional dish in Salta, the Locro, which contributed to the fund raising needed for the purchase of food.

According to the coordinators, with the activities developed, it was possible to collect donations of money, clothes and footwear. All funds were used to purchase 360 kilos of basic food, distributed to three Wichi communities of the seven assisted by FUNDAC: El Algarrobo, El Mistol and La Esperanza, which are located about ten kilometers away from Tartagal.