Being active in 18 countries, with the mission of practicing and disseminating fraternity among all the Kingdoms of Nature in a way that awakens and expands the human consciousness to a life of peace, love and altruism, the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) can count on the close collaboration of various sectors of society, which support, make possible and expand their activities.

An example of this would be the recently established partnership with the Avanzi Group, which is taking place because of the generous offer of its director, Dane Avanzi, lawyer and entrepreneur in the telecommunications sector. He explains how the partnership began, “I felt a call when finding out about the work of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) in the indigenous populations and with the refugees. I sent an email to the site and initiated discussions on how I could contribute.”

For Dane, what is important is to be able to help: “I am offering myself based on selfless service, without expecting anything in return. It is a great honor to serve the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF), which on its part, is in service to foster better conditions of life for people in vulnerable situations.”

At first, the Avanzi Group will be active in the Light-Community of Figueira, in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, with the deployment of a local radiocommunications network that will greatly facilitate communication between its various areas.

Parceria FFHI e Grupo Avanzi

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In Dane’s way of thinking, that will just be the beginning of the partnership, “I am available to serve in other places of the world where the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) has need.”

A confessed admirer of all the work of José Trigueirinho Netto (1931-2018), who is the founder of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF), Dane remembers that “the first book of his came into my hands when I was 18 years old, 32 years ago. I am certain that his teachings are of great value in the spiritual growth of those who are prepared to receive his messages.”

It was the work of Trigueirinho that first awakened the telecommunications entrepreneur to this partnership, and more recently, he was able to delve into all the work developed by the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) and its affiliates; he felt very touched by the messages. “Since then, the need to dedicate myself to the prayers and to selfless service has been a priority for me,” he explains.

To be a partner of the Humanitarian Fraternity (FIHF) is to be co-responsible for carrying out its objectives, contributing so that the humanitarian actions and the defense of the environment expand and reach more people and places. This is precisely what is being signed now with this collaboration with the Avanzi Group.

As a way of thanks and to seal and celebrate this partnership, we can highlight an impulse offered by the Divine Messengers: “It is that resolve to unconditionally serve that will renew you in body and spirit and allow you to be sustained by Divine Grace.”