An opportunity for Venezuelan immigrants and refugees to have their education level certified in Brazil

From January 18 to 22, the Means of Life Sector and the Education Sector of the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI) organized a joint effort to support immigrants and refugees in their enrollment in the Encceja. All those interested from the three indigenous shelters under their management in Roraima were considered.

inscrições no Encceja

The National Exam for Youth and Adult Skills Certification (Encceja) is done free of charge by the Ministry of Education with the goal of assessing competence, skills and knowledge of young people and adults who have not completed elementary school or high school at the appropriate age. In the case of the Venezuelan immigrants and refugees, it is also a chance to have the school level they reached in their country certified in Brazil.

The initiative is part of the effort that the Humanitarian Fraternity (FFHI) has been making in looking for lasting solutions for the complex situation of the immigrants and refugees of an indigenous origin, because of their cultural specificities. According to Jemima Bessa, coordinator of Means of Life, this exam is important “because of the issue of recognition: their having an official schooling document would immediately bring new possibilities  for entering the job market.” She also points out that the ones who achieve a high school completion certification “will be able to take entrance exams at public or private universities, and will also be able to enroll in the quota system for indigenous people.”

Another interesting aspect that the exam can provide is presented by Célia, an indigenous of the Warao tribe, 43 years old and a recipient at the Pintolândia Shelter, who is looking for an equivalence for Elementary Education: “I want to study, continue onward, complete High School;” and she explains: “I have two small children and I want to give them an example, because what is most important is that they study; and it is also important to learn Portuguese, because when speaking Portuguese well and by studying, we can get work.”

The numbers achieved by the joint effort in enrollments give evidence of the interest of the population of the shelter in taking steps to improve their resumes: 25 enrolled from the Janokoida Shelter, in Pacaraima; 29 enrolled from the Jardim Floresta Shelter, in Boa Vista; and 59 enrolled from the Pintolândia Shelter, also in Boa Vista. The exam will take place in the month of April. Up to now, the Education and Means of Life Sectors plan to make available handouts for study, and tests from previous years for test runs, and also do a writing workshop, so that those interested can take advantage of the two remaining months to prepare for the test.

inscrições no Encceja