In this third and final video of the series recorded during the course “Dynamics of Natural Ecosystems and the Principles of Syntropic Agriculture“, Agroecologist Isaías Reis highlights some of his personal and professional experience. He emphasizes the impact of the first visit to the Figueira Light-Community, in Carmo de Cachoeira, Minas Gerais (Brazil), where the course was taught.

It was my first connection to socio-environmental work“, said Reis who is graduated in Environmental Management and post-graduated in Organic Agriculture. The experience in Figueira led him to a great reflection and work in the environmental area in non-governmental organizations.

With training in Agroforestry by Embrapa, Isaias Reis is a family farmer and coordinator of the Planetary Lightnetwork – Cravinhos (SP), which similarly to the Community-Luz Figueira is affiliated to the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

Reis still highlights in the video the teachings of José Trigueirinho Netto (founder of Figueira, which initiated the Fraternidade) about the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, besides pointing out how the syntropic agriculture is recovering the area where the course was ministered, which was rather degraded.