On March 25, the Nova Terra Light-Community, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), did a free workshop on “Making Ecobags”, offered by the sewing teachers Penha and Luz, of the Parque Tibetano School, with the support of their trainees as monitors.

Clarissa drawing the design of the ecobag pocket.

The proposal was to make an ecobag from scratch, which is an ecologic cloth sack used for shopping, or daily use, so as to reduce the use of plastic sacks. Many people wanted to take the course and all 15 slots were filled. The course took place on Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Workshop going full blast!

The trainees/monitors also prepared an essential detail of those ecobags: they chose a design, made by a monk, which represented all the Kingdoms of Nature. This design was used for the pocket of the ecobag, and each person drew their version by hand, giving the pocket more significance, which had already begun permeated with the energy of Nova Terra!

Everybody engaged

“Everybody taking the course showed a great deal of joy in being here with us, happy to learn something new, to exchange experiences, and we too had a full heart on receiving them and being able to offer something simple, although with a great deal of caring for each of those present,” said the organizers of the workshop.

Each with their ecobag

Everything took place harmoniously, and from that experience, there were many offerings from the participants, many wanting to return, offering their skills and what they do best in support of the Light-Community.

The energy of giving allows the heart to expand and be free to overflow with the love God sends us!

At the end of the workshop with all the participants