December 28 to 31, Thursday to Sunday

Dec 28, Thursday

Care with baby

Missionaries of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation – visited the tents of the Center of Reference for the Immigrant (CRI). They found an apparently three year-old baby with symptoms of diarrhea.

Artisans of the shelter are not attending the meetings for the making of the works, as they are going out to the streets in these last days. Some argue that they need to solve health problems and others to raise money to send or take to family members in Venezuela.

The husband of the immigrant that is hospitalized with psychological problems, who is taking care of their baby daughter by himself, has been showing signs of discouragement and tiredness. The missionaries have been giving constant assistance to father and baby.

Hand washing

Later, the missionaries received a call from the Center of Psychosocial Attention III (Caps III), informing that the immigrant had been discharged. She returned to the shelter, where she will continue under treatment, taking four medicines.

Hand-washing of the children (and of adults who so choose) before lunch. “It is always good to do this activity, even knowing that the parents do not value it, letting the children eat with their hands (without cutlery) and without washing them”, said Alexandrina, a missionary of Fraternidade.

Deep cleaning of the container of food.

Friar Francisco, of Grace Mercy Order, organized a meeting with the anthropologist of the Roraima Labor and Social Welfare Secretary (Setrabes) and male immigrants of the CRI to study the issue of jobs.

A member of the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea) from Brasilia went to the shelter to visit the  place. He will make a report about the conditions of the CRI.

Cleaning of gymnasium

A couple of volunteers made donation of clothes. The woman, a student of the Course of Nursery, offered to do, with a team from the University, actions of health in the shelter. It was suggested to the volunteer the weighing and measurement of the children in the CRI. The husband, worker of the Brazilian Enterprise of Agricultural Research (Embrapa), will check the continuity of the support of the company to the shelter.

Dec 29, Friday

A general cleaning of the gymnasium of the CRI was done.

The coordinator of the team of the Setrabes in the shelter and Friar Francisco of Grace Mercy Order had a meeting with the Indigenous leaders to raise awareness about the importance of the work with artisanship.

Dec 30, Saturday


Several finished artisan pieces were registered and organized, which will be exhibited at the Anaua Park Fair. An Indigenous leader and other two persons were chosen to accompany the work at the fair.

Games with the children were done.

Dec 31, Sunday

On the last day of 2017, some immigrants attended Mass at the Church of Saint Joseph Worker, which is near the CRI.

In the area near the kitchen of the shelter were found many food residues and flies. Those responsible for the kitchen and the distribution of the meals were contacted, a cleaning was done and guidance was given for the correct disposal of the leftovers.

Fraternization in the Nucleus-of-Light

There were talks of instruction for the immigrants who have left daily to the streets. The Portuguese classes were organized, and will resume next Monday.

At night there was a little fraternization at the Nucleus-of-Light of Roraima with all the participants in the Roraima Mission (missionaries, members of the Monastery and of the Network-of-Light, residents and collaborators).