Representatives of the North-Northeastern Light-Network participated in a spiritual retreat in the city of Salvador-BA, from July 21 thru 23, in the Dom Amando Convent, led by Friar Thomas, a monk of the Grace Mercy Order – GMO, coordinator of the Flor do Sagrado Tepuí Light-Community of Roraima, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), and responsible for monitoring the North-Northeastern Light-Network.

The retreat, the subject of which was “Walking on the waters with Christ”, according to Friar Thomas, has the task of strengthening and stimulating the practice of retreat among the groups of the Light-Network. During the opening of the meeting, the friar reflected that “this work must be directed inward, to an inner listening, and must increase in voltage, going deeper and more elevated. The vigil is a state of watchfulness and awaking supported by the soul; that is the path we build individually and as a group during these three days”. The proposal was that the group, during the retreat, attempt to maintain their connection with their own inner world, even while carrying out practical tasks, as if carrying an invisible tray and not letting it fall.

The event provided the participants with moments of deep silence and withdrawal, in communion with nature; a unique opportunity, according to Eliane, a member of the Pernambuco Light-Network: “for me, the retreat is representing a gift from God, a balm that comes at a difficult time in my life. The location is very pleasant and very harmonious.

The symbol of the lotus flower was brought forward for group reflection as an inspiring source in order to find deeper inner answers which give meaning to human existence. There was studying during the retreat, being the first based on passages of Christian scripture, where Christ multiplies the bread and fish and walks on the water. The parables were contextualized through mirroring the inner human journey itself, which swings between moments of greater and lesser experiences of faith and connection with the divine.

In an attempt to summarize the internalized instruction, Arlimário, of the Salvador Light-Network, reflected that “we must concentrate our attention on two points: focus on Christ, to get out of the mind that confirms to us that in water one sinks, and focus on supporting the tray so the connection with the sacred is permanent”.

The day began with working with mantras, and during the day, study, prayers and attunements deepened the work. Permeated by the vibration of the songs, the Light-Network collaborators also participated in a moment of reflection on the task the North-Northeastern Light-Network received in this cycle for the manifestation of communal life in Roraima, keeping in mind the retreat as a preparation for the next meeting of collaborators planned to take place in Roraima in October. According to Friar Thomas, the instructions and experiences already internalized by the group in other light-communities linked to this work, especially the Figueira Light-Community, the synergy between souls, and faith are tools that the group has for the manifestation of the new light-community.

When asked about the dimension the Light-Community in Roraima can  reach, the friar responded that “new stages will be recognized as the stages already planned are finalized”. According to the theme of the Franciscan sister missionaries of the Dom Amando Convent: “Rooted in Christ, the Love of God is revealed”.