The Children’s House, an extension of the Nucleus-of-Light of Figueira in Belo Horizonte – the Sacred heaven, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, both affiliated to the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, received a presentation of its children and youth choir on the last Saturday, July 9.

coral_casa_das_criancas_nucleo_bh_2The presentation, that takes place every six months, is a sample of the musical education that the children receive at the House, located in the Neighborhood of Santa Efigência in Belo Horizonte. Nowadays 25 children assisted by the institution participate in the Choir. ‘In the Choir, we seek to work with songs that refer to nature and to the spiritual life’, said Mônica Harmendani, coordinator of the Children’s House.

During the meeting, about 40 people were presente, among family members, educators, collaborators and coordinators, besides monks of the Grace Mercy Order from the Monastery Doorway of the Divine Mercy and residents of the Nucleus-of-Light in Belo Horizonte – Sacred Heaven.

‘It is a moment of gathering and union among the people who directly or indirectly are involved in this task’, said José de Arimatéia, a resident of the Nucleus-of-Light.


The Children’s House was instituted in 2010 and offers activities for free to the poor community of the region, by means of workshops conducted by collaborators. Workshops of musical instruments, choir, arts, sewing, embroidery, stories, recreation and creativity. Family members also participate in the activities and workshops and receive medical, dental and psychological assistance.

‘We perceive that the activity of the Choir has been collaborating in the balance of the children, helping them be more harmonious and happier in life’, said Renata Falci, one coordinator of the Nucleus-of-Light of the Sacred Heaven.