Home Kits ready for the Bazaar

In December, the Nova Terra Light-Community, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), will put on the Bazaar of Love, Christmas Edition, making available various kinds of clothing, utensils, toys and kits for socially vulnerable families who live near the community, in the rural area.

Collaborator sewing for the Bazaar

The Bazaar of Love has been a Nova Terra Light-Communitytradition for more than ten years, generally taking place twice a year. During the pandemic, it was cancelled, and now returns with much joy.

Home Kits: sets of sheets with a small souvenir

It was born out of the time in 2012 when Teresópolis experienced flooding, and the whole city suffered serious damage because of the intense rains and floods, with many families having no shelter. As the NovaTerra Light-Community was not affected by that event, it became a place of assistance for needy neighboring families and received many donations of clothing, furniture, shoes, food, toys, among other products.

A young person refurbishing a toy for the Bazaar

A team of the Light-Community put together various kinds of kits and distributed them to families. Since then, various donations have never stopped coming in, and this “sharing with others” became the Bazaar of Love.

Children helping to sort clothes for the Bazaar

But why “of Love”?

According to how the members of the Light-Community explain it, the choice of name came about because not everything they receive arrives in good condition, and many times, “it has to be restored, repaired and painted with much love, to be born again and take on a new function.”

Collaborators putting together the kits

Besides that, nothing is charged at the bazaar; the donations are spontaneous and many times, interesting exchanges occur, such as for example, a bag of clothes for a box of broccoli.

“But the love goes further! It’s an opportunity for us to give of ourselves to the neighboring families, to receive them, take care of them, listen to them, and in this way, create a loving relationship that goes beyond any utensil, toy or shoe,” they declare.

Everything is a pretext for love!

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