reino_animal_redel_luz_poa08In the first half of the month of June, members of the Network-of-Light in Porto Alegre, from Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, conducted in the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul a work with the Animal Kingdom in the house of a protectress of animals.

For 15 years, the protectress of animals Maria Helena has been conducting the work of help to the Animal Kingdom. She collects abandoned street animals in various neighborhoods of the city, mostly dogs and cats, and then take them to her home where they are hosted, treated and referred for adoption. Scattered in the big yard and inside the house are 70 cats and 11 dogs who live today under her care.

In order to help in this selfless Service to the Animal Kingdom, the Network-of-Light group of Porto Alegre uses to visit Maria Helena. During the month of June, the group went to the protectress’ house twice. In general, five volunteers participate in each visit, but the whole group of the local Network-of-Light somehow gets involved with the work.

In the first visit, on June 7, were donated thirty kg of animal feed, three boxes of the antibiotic Chemitril for the cats, three blankets, two cushions and sixty Brazilian Reales to buy rice and feed. In the second visit, on June 16, blankets and mantles were given for the dogs and cats, supplying an extreme necessity that the animals had been facing with the intense cold.

Besides the donation, the group uses to conduct the praying work in the place, and will also soon start other activities, such as the help in the cleaning of the area and the harmonization of the garden.


‘We perceive that on meeting a need, even in a very simple way, we permit that the Animal Kingdom be helped in an unimaginable proportion in the inner planes’, said Lucia Sirangelo, the coordinator of the Newtork-of-Light of the South Region of Brazil.

In the next task in the house of the protectress Maria Helena, the Network-of-Light group intends to conduct a service with the Plant Kingdom, too.