Gratitude and Faith help in the work, bringing the donation beyond the material level                                                                                                                                                                         

doacao_rede_luz_guaruja_comunidade_x_outubro_2016_local1The place is difficult to access. At 11 am, on a Friday of October, with little sun, the group steps for the first time in the Community Nova Canaã, located in the coastal city of Guarujá, State of São Paulo, Brasil. Three members of the local Network-of-Light carry bags with donations (rice, beans, pasta, sugar and garlic) supplied by São Paulo city.

The group walks between the alleys and shacks, along very narrow streets, with plenty of mud. Houses are built on stilts (wooden stakes that sustain a house on places with water), in the case, a mangrove area, with sea water and rivers. From house to house, the collaborators distribute donations, 31 bags.


Fatima Terriaga has been living in the place for a year and eight months, has 4 children and is unemployed. “I thank you very much for your collaboration, bringing a little bit for us. The aid helps a lot”

The members of the Network-of-Light notice that, just as Ms Fátima, many families may be in the same situation.
“We could feel people were surprised at the first moment, as they are not accostumed to receiving donations. They feel themselves forgotten, ignored, apart from society. All of them were very grateful, happy and cheerful, because they felt that there are people that remember them. It was a very rewarding task”, said Rosibeth de Oliveira, member of the Network-of-Light Guarujá, affiliated to Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

doacao_rede_luz_guaruja_comunidade_x_outubro_2016_cacamba1In the next day, the group arrives in another Community not far away from the one visited the day before. It is the Community of Morrinhos 4, already known by the missionaries, in the distribution of food, performed for several years. Here, pears, garlic and packages of pastas were distributed among 40 families of the community. Fruit are part of the donation of 160 kilos of food (pears, plums, apples, pasta and garlic) obtained at the Port of Santos city, through a program of the Ministry of Agriculture. The remaining food (some pears, lots of plums and apples) were addressed to the Monastery of the Divine Trinity, Holy House of Mary, Mother of São Paulo, located at the Nucleus-of-Light of São Paulo, Carapicuiba County, State of São Paulo, Brazil.


Donation and Faith
Besides the material donations, very much important to the needy communities, the attitude of the servers connected to genuine donation, having no ambition, provides the manifestation of the One Life. True Faith that comes from the high levels of consciouness makes positive situations emerge beyond the physical plan, and of unimaginable consequence to the beings.*

“We wish to take to those people of the community a little bit of peace and joy and not only the bags with the material food. I am sure that in thiese bags, there is something from Maria, much more than material food. May we can be in this task with Maria and Saint Joseph in behalf of these people, who need our presence and may this presence be more constant”, completed Rosibeth.

*excerpts from the book “Glossário Esotérico” (“Esoteric Glossary”), by José Trigueirinho Netto.