The Meeting of Music for the Healing and the Elevation of Humanity of the month of May will be held in the Community-of-Light of Fraternity, in Paysandú, Uruguay, on the 23rd, at 8 p.m. (Montevideo Time) and will be transmitted live by the site of Mercy Mary TV.


musica_cura_elevacao_maioThe meeting was a request of the Virgin Mary, in a message of November 26, 2015. ‘In this new cycle of Music for the Healing and the Elevation of Humanity, your Heavenly Mother, together with Her angels, will conduct the task of elevating the different musical and instrumental pieces to the Heavenly Spheres, where all the prayers and offerings are received by the interceding angels of the Heavenly Father’.

Mary asks that the meeting take place on the 23rd of each month and will be conducted in the Communities-of-Light. The objective is the planetary upliftment in this moment of chaotic reality of the planet.

The musical pieces are presented by the Choir of the Communities-of-Light, composed by collaborators, residents, monks and nuns of the Grace Mercy Order and by the Choir of the Divine MotherAssociation Mary.

In this meeting 6 musical pieces will be presented:
– Reino de Amor (Kingdom of Love)
– Salve Aurora de Mi Coração (Hail, Aurora of My Heart)
– Movimiento en Bm (Movement in B minor)
– Aurora del Amanecer (Aurora of the Dawn)
– Rosario por la Salvación de los Reinos de la Naturaleza (Rosary for the Salvation of the Kingdoms of Nature)
– Amazing Grace

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See the booklet with the lyrics of the compositions here