Boa Vista city

Wednesday, Feb 15 to Wednesday, Feb 28

A great movement of vaccination against measles from February 15 to 21, conducted by the State Health Secretary (Sesau).

A visit of the Ministry of Education, accompanied by the team of the Roraima labor and Social Welfare Secretariat (Setrabes).

There is a great demand for hammocks and the Congregation Children of Charity Saint Vincent of Paul has been giving a great support in this activity.

Differentiated Education

Child enrollment at transition school

In the last week of February a great impulse was given to the sector of education. 100 children were enrolled in the transitional school that is being implemented in the shelter. It is the Project of Differentiated Transitional Education and Bilingual Intercultural Education, elaborated by the team of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FFHI), of Setrabes and of Casa de los Niños to minimize the impact of the cultural difference at the moment the Indigenous children join the public teaching system. Portuguese, Spanish languages will be taught, as well as the respective Indigenous languages (Warao or E’napá), strengthening of the rules of good co-existence, sports and playful activities.

Pioneering experience

Talk about health

On the 26th, 17 Indigenous teenagers began a pioneering experience of participation in a project presented by the State School Mário Andreazza. The school prepared a program with courses of Portuguese, disciplinary norms, music,, sports, among others, to prepare the adolescents to enter the classes of the regular courses. The team of Fraternidade (FFHI) collaborates, offering the daily school transportation of the teenagers.

On the 28, a round of talk was made of a nurse with the Aidamos (Indigenous leaders) of the shelter. Topics concerning hygiene cares, infectious diseases prevention and hygienic preparation of foods were touched upon.