July 17 thru 23, Monday thru Sunday

Summer season
The activities of the missionaries of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation – at Caritas Hellas, in the city of Athens, included the support to the organization of the stocks and distribution of clothes. During this week there was a great demand for masculine summer clothes, which had the stock depleted. To turn around the situation, the missionaries transferred masculine clothes from the storage of the Association of Lagonisi to Caritas.

There was also a work of selection, organization and distribution of feminine clothes, as the demand has been very great during the whole week.

Donations in the detention camp
With the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the missionaries of the Fraternidade kept giving their support in the fixing and distribution of meals, and effected a more intense work in the purchase of hygiene materials to be taken to a detention camp of illegal refugees.

The distribution of toothbrushes and toothpastes, besides clothes and footwear, was done during the visit of the missionaries to the detention camp.

“This visit is always important, as it is a moment that the detainees have to inform what is happening, how long time they have been there and the progress of the process.

It is interesting, because sometimes we can see the progress of their process. When we return, we see that some people who had been in the previous visit have been released with their documents in order. It is a positive side of the visit, to learn that some obtain their release”, said Ricardo Baumgartner, the coordinator of the missionaries of the Fraternidade.

In the Orthodox Church of Saint Theodore, the support consisted in the assembly of 70 bags with food.

In the missionary base of Athens, the missionaries benefitted from the summertime to resume the organization of the Garden.