The Light-Community of Roraima, affiliated with the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), was announced in 2021, the result of the work of prayer and effort of the Venezuela and North-Northeast Light-Networks, as well as the humanitarian service of the Roraima Mission.

Membros da Comunidade-Luz de Roraima: monges, servidores humanitários voluntários e colaboradores.

What existed before was the Light-Nucleus, which since 2017, was providing spiritual support and logistics for the humanitarian mission involved with the Venezuelan migration to Brazil.

The Roraima Light-Community has two monasteries, one male and one female. These are the Sacred Humility of Saint Joseph Monasteries. The Community is also made up of humanitarian aid volunteers, who serve in the Roraima Mission through the Indigenous Cultural and Training Center (CCFI); it also includes members of the Light-Network or other Light-Communities who remain for a period in Boa Vista. 

The Light-Community is divided into two spaces: the headquarters in the city of Boa Vista and the Light-Community itself, which is in a semi-rural area of Boa Vista.

Currently, there is a large amount of construction going on, marking the beginning of the emergence of the Flor do Sagrado Tepui Light-Community, including a plan providing for: 4 lodging modules, 2 monasteries, a cafeteria, a prayer room, an auditorium, and a maintenance area.

The construction is a first lodging module so that the groups of collaborators, humanitarian aid volunteer missionaries, members of others Light-Communities, and monasteries are able to live in the Roraima Light-Community.

The land of the Light-Community is in the shape of a strip: there are 10 hectares, 100 meters wide by 1,000 meters long.

No futuro, a agrofloresta integrará a rede de serviço doando parte da produção será para instituições e pessoas necessitadas

At this time, there is a half-hectare of cropland managed through agroforestry methodologies, and some support buildings.

Recently, the male monastery moved to the countryside, leaving the rented house in the city. Friar Thomas, manager of the Light-Community and coordinator of the male monastery, comments on the importance of that move:

“The male monastery is improvised in two containers to support the activities of this pioneering phase of the Light-Community: collective work, construction, planting areas, and the protection of the land itself. Further, the spiritual presence of the monastery on the Light-Community land makes it possible for the public activities of prayer with neighbors and invitees be more fully attended.”

Close to the containers of the monastery is the Light-Community’s liturgical space: the prayer room, which is also adapted from a container, and the area of the Guardian Trees, which is a sort of spiritual epicenter where important work is done, such as the sacraments in the Marathons and attunements.

Casa de oração da Comunidade-Luz atualmente está adaptada em um container

Building the First Lodging Module

The current construction represents the first stage of the Light-Community in the established project. It is a 250 square meter lodging module, with six rooms, and bathrooms for every two rooms, as well as a prayer room, office, therapeutic bath, kitchen and service area.

Na Comunidade-Luz haverá um espaço onde serão realizadas, com apoio dos monastérios, exercícios espirituais de oração, silêncio e sintonia.

Cesar Daltro is part of the Salvador Light-Network and is the construction manager of the Roraima Light-Community, following the evolution of the construction at a distance, as well as carrying out periodic technical visits. Cesar says there was special care taken in the elaboration of the projects in that first construction:

“All architectural projects, concrete structure, metal roof structure, electrical, air conditioning and sanitary system, were developed, with the construction designed with care as to seismic safety and flood protection, as guided by the Permanent Guidance Council.”

With the support of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), and the initial donations of external collaborators, the resources were obtained for beginning the construction in Roraima.

With these funds, it was possible to carry out the basic construction of the work, raising it from the ground, with the phase of foundations, superstructure, masonry and part of the installations being completed.

Setor de Obras da Comunidade-Luz tem feito um acompanhamento diário jdo desenvolvimento da obra

A delicate stage is being carried out in the current cycle: the assembly of the roof and the roof structures. This activity is also being done with the support of the Fraternity – Humanitarian Federation (FIHF).

The following stages are already begun, and are:

  1. Facings;
  2. Window framing;
  3. Installation of equipment;
  4. Underlayment and painting;
  5. Finishes.

Through the significant collaboration of a member of the Light-Network in the southeast region, it was possible to ensure construction until the end of April.

In this process, the role of the North-Northeastern Light-Network has been fundamental, because it finances all the support of the Light-Community and its monthly expenses, as well as renting the land neighboring the Light-Community. Through these resources, the presence of a live-in collaborator is paid for, who directly oversees the work.

For finishing this work, which will be until the end of June, additional support will be necessary to complete the foreseen costs. A fundraiser is being carried out by the North-Northeastern Light-Network for finishing the construction.

Collaborate: +5571999721851 – Celina – Coordenação Rede-Luz Norte Nordeste