Vivencia Familiar com os Reinos da Natureza

From February 22 to 24, a “Family Experience with the Kingdoms of Nature” held in the Terras da Irmandade (Lands of the Brotherhood), organized and accompanied by the families that live in the Light-Community of Figueira, together with the monastery of the Grace Mercy Order.

People from various cities in the region participated, seeking a healthy and spiritual alternative so that, together with their children, they could enjoy this long weekend in contact with nature.

Children and parents shared tasks in cultivation, agroforestry, and  playful entertaining activities such as painting with earth paint, theater, games, music, walks, and a bonfire. These activities had a deeper purpose of restoring the union in families as an important training nucleus for evolutionary principles.

Isaías Reis, one of the organizers of the experience, says that activities such as this offer families “a true environment of healthy relationships and connections with the Kingdoms of Nature, fostering an elevated state of spirit and communication with God, something extremely necessary for the current times. Our children need more experiences like this and the Light-Community of Figueira offers the conditions for this to happen on several levels.”

“We feel that it was a very special moment where families experienced a fraternal and group life. They will return home with a seed planted in their hearts. We have heard that this experience has germinated and has begun to produce results,” said Ananda, coordinator of the Terras da Irmandade and one of the event organizers.