Sunday, Feb 19

The group visited an Animals field hospital in the region of Constitución.

The missionaries walked the dogs while the kennels were being cleaned.

Prayers were said in the stalls of the animals that suffered severe burns and are in very difficult conditions. These animals are undergoing deep suffering and will be submitted to euthanasia (act of leading to death without suffering to a sick being affected by an incurable condition that produces intolerable pain). Also prayer with canticles were done for an animal with burns that will not undergo euthanasia.

Then the group went to the city of Santa Olga, which was completely devastated by the fire (about one thousand houses). The group made an attunement in a place in the city.

“Before we arrived in the City of Santa Olga, we passed by places where there were many families that lost everything (cultivations, animals and houses), and had not received help yet. Now we can finish this mission, because besides the material support, we gave a very intense spiritual support, not only for the humans, but also for the other Kingdoms”, said Ricardo, the coordinator of the missions of the Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.

“At night, the group participated in a dinner with members of the Network-of-Light of Chile and collaborators and then they participated in an ecumenical communion.