Vivência Missionária no Crersendo

An instructive experience of bioconstruction was carried out in the Community of the New Earth, located in Teresopolis, Brazil. Eighty participants, including children, youths and adults, who came from different countries and different regions of Brazil, plunged into the living flow of an earth architecture.

This activity was conducted during the 2nd Missionary Experience carried out in this community, from May 31st to June 2nd. The participants had the opportunity of joining a workshop, a kind of fieldwork, in which, by means of the construction of the art house of the community, they received the teaching in a practical and interactive manner.

“Bioconstruction, besides being a recovery of ancient cultures in the manner of constructing, of gathering, of learning, is also a way of survival, of adapting to the condition in which the plane tis putting us at the moment; it brings a solution for the current necessity to work with the resources available in the places”, teaches Daniel Mujalli, bioconstruction instructor.

Vivência Missionária no Crersendo

“We use materials such as earth, bamboo, wood, recyclables, which oftentimes otherwise become trash, contaminating the environment, and thus we cease to consume materials that come from mining, from exploitation of labor, from the exploitation of the human being and of different environments”, adds Daniel.

This second edition of the experience in the Community offered other activities to do in the two-day period. Thus, besides bio-construction, a survival instruction was conducted. In this case, the topic touched on was that of prevention and handling of fires.

The Animal Kingdom was also visited by the participants, who supported, in an enthusiastic way, the care of the animals and the maintenance of spaces where they live.

All that experience took place in permanent contact with the natural beauties of the environment of the Green Valley of Gamboa, among mountains of the Serras do Capim, precisely where this Community is located. It is also necessary to highlight the night walk to the mountain of El Shadaina, where silence and the natural sounds were the best guides and companions.

Vivência Missionária no Crersendo

The whole experience was intensely lived. The participants, as said Lara, a youth from Teresopolis, enjoyed it a lot and are ready for the next one. “I loved to be here, it is wonderful to be in this blessed land; bioconstruction is incredible, as well as being in contact with the earth, with nature. For me, it is the first of many experiences I hope to have, and, without a doubt, I believe that there are people who would need to come, who feel a call in their heart and do not know what to do nor where to go. We must keep spreading the word”.

The Community of the New Earth is affiliated with Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation.