The missionaries of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, who are carrying out the Humanitarian Colombia Mission continue the preparations to establish in Colombian territory a permanent space of humanitarian support to the Venezuelan migrants. For this, they have been meeting with various international organizations.

Missionaries talk with caminantes

The objective is to identify ways to cooperate in tasks of help to the caminantes, groups of Venezuelans who, having left their houses behind, advance on foot across the Colombian territory towards Bogota, the capital of the country, or to even farther destinies, such as Ecuador, Peru or Chile.

The meetings are taking place at the office of the United Nations (UN) in Cucuta, on the border with Venezuela. “We are gathering with international agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations, to make known the humanitarian work of Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation, and our intention to collaborate also in Colombia”, informed from Cucuta Imer, one of the coordinators of the group on mission.

Migration in increase

Walk with the migrants

Fraternidade already is part of a working table that consolidates actions for the Venezuelan walkers. The instance is coordinated by OCHA (Unted Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Subjects). In OCHA participate around 45 agencies and NGO’s, such as the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), the World Food Program of the United Nations, the Red Cross, the International Committee of Rescue, Oxfam International and the Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC).

“The various institutions with which we gather predict that migration will increase in 2019. Up to some time ago, the prevailing profile was of bachelor youths, but now many families are arriving, as well as women with kids, with babies in their arms, pregnant women, disabled people”, commented Imer.

In the meantime, the volunteers of Humanitarian Colombia Mission conduct specific actions of assistance to the walkers, offering hot soup and first-aids. They have also made a 30-km walk from Cucuta to Pamplona, to accompany the caminantes from closer and to learn about the conditions of the refuges for migrants that function in the route.

Artisanship for parents

Support for children

At the same time, a part of the missionary group keeps giving support to the Scalabrinian Pilot Center of Cucuta, which offers workshops and alternative educational activities to Venezuelan and Colombian children who are outside of the formal educational system, due to their condition of migrants or displaced.

The volunteers coordinate tasks of educational support, manual, physical and recreational activities. They began to teach chess and also gave instructions of hygiene and oral prevention.

They also began to interact with the parents, establishing dialogs of emotional support and organizing small workshops of artisanship in looms and jewelry. The intention is to facilitate to them a mental occupation and future sources of income.

Learn how to collaborate

Physical activity at the Scalabrinian Pilot Center

The group that carries on the Humanitarian Colombia Mission is in permanent renewal of members. It is currently comprised by 11 volunteers, including missionaries of Fraternidade, collaborators of the Colombia Network-of-Light, representatives of the Missionary Youth for Peace and monastics of Grace Mercy Order.

Humanitarian Colombia Mission began last October 11, 2018. It seeks to help in the relief of pain, in the gravest humanitarian crisis of the South-American continent in the latest times. In order to accomplish this support, your collaboration is necessary. Be a part in this campaign of love.

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