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Colombia Mission

A significant number of Venezuelans is crossing the borders of Brazil and of Colombia to seek a new opportunity and perspective on life. To some, it represents a new beginning, to others – younger – this represents the quest for some opportunity of building a dignified and positive future. This is determining a condition for an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in South America, which demands immediate action and a response on many levels of the structures of the countries that receive these immigrants, who are in truth refugees in search of an opportunity of minimal living conditions.

The “Fraternidade” – International Humanitarian Federation – is grateful to all those who have enabled the Colombia Mission to remain serving its purpose up until this moment. Most of the needs for the initial stage have been met and we will soon start a new phase of the Colombia Humanitarian Mission. Thank you all.


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So since 2016, Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation – has been working in this increasing migratory crisis, seeking to mitigate the most immediate needs, as well as to create conditions of shelter and new life opportunities, in partnership with other non-governmental organizations, such as the UNHCR and the UNICEF.

Fraternidade Works in the Brazilian state of Roraima in four shelters in Boa Vista and one shelter in Pacaraima, a bordering city with Venezuela. Two of these shelters attend an exclusively Indigenous population and the other shelters attend the so-called “criollo” (non-Indigenous) Venezuelans.

Since August 2018, Fraternidade was sensitized to expand its activities to work in the border of Colombia with Venezuela, in the city of Cucuta and other cities of the region, with the aim of developing a purely humanitarian action, and it is with this approach that a group of missionaries is already in the city of Cucuta beginning the so-called Humanitarian Colombia Mission, which acts in an even more complex context than in Roraima, as, besides the Venezuelans, Colombians themselves seek within their own country regions that are free and less influenced by the armed conflict that for decades has afflicted and divided the country. Without entering the core of these situations, Fraternidade is seeking conditions to develop its actions, which have begun. The missionaries are helping a place that assists both Venezuelan and Colombian children, offering them in this state, creative and imaginative activities through which human values are found again, as well as a basic education gradually enters life and these children begin to find within them a security that allows them to grow with fewer traumas and with some hope.

In parallel to that, Fraternidade is working on the road that connects the city of Cucuta to Pamplona, with the distribution of kits for the walkers, who enter Colombia through Cucuta and keep walking to Pamplona, heading to Bogotá. It is a route mostly trodden on foot and in a condition of gradual exhaustion, which needs immediate attention until the walkers -–many of them women, children and elderly people, can have access to more enduring solutions and help. The distribution is predicted of food throughout this route for the walkers to be able to keep ahead minimally fed until the next step of their objective – to reach Bogota, establish there somehow or descend to Ecuador and Peru.

In order for Fraternidade to be able to carry out its actions, voluntary donations of collaborators and sympathizers of these activities and initiatives. All the funds raised are channeled to the purchase of air tickets for the missionaries to arrive in Cucuta, for the rent of the house and for the expenses that an average group of fifteen people has, with food and basic care.

Fraternidade is seeking partners that are interested in financing these activities on a regular basis, as well as collaborators who are willing to donate and thus allow the activities to be carried out and the goals of collaborating in the balance in the region to be attained.

If you are sensitive to the topic of the crisis of the refugees, collaborate with your donation, because this will reflect in some balance within the complex humanitarian perspective in which South America is already directly or indirectly inserted.

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