From 15 to 18 June, a pilgrimage of the Children of Mary and Prayer Groups was held to the Marian Center of Figueira, located in the town of Carmo da Cachoeira, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and to the Marian Center of the Child-King, in the city of Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro.

The activity responds to a request from the Virgin Mary in a message transmitted through the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, on March 1, 2016, and this request was reiterated on February 12, 2017. On both occasions, the Mother of God highlighted the fundamental role of the Children of Mary in the sustenance of the Marian Centers founded by Her.

“These visits are a very special opportunity for the Children of Mary to live their consecration serving in spiritual houses of the Most Holy Virgin. Here we can feel a very beautiful energy of group integration, both among the pilgrims and of the latter with the Kingdoms of Nature and with the houses of the Sanctuary”, said Mother Ana Catalina, a nun of the Grace Mercy Order and the coordinator of the Children of Mary.

The consecrated nun explained that the proposal is to maintain a monthly rhythm of pilgrimages of the Children of Mary to the different Marian Centers. In July. it will be the turn of the Marian Center of Aurora, located in the state of Paysandú, Uruguay, and later of the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, in Cordoba, Argentina.


Cleaning of the benches of the Hermitage of the Glorified Christ

In Figueira, about 60 pilgrims began the experience participating in a Way of the Cross, on Thursday, 15. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they carried out harmonization tasks on the Hill of Apparitions. They also conducted spiritual exercises of Contemplation in the Hermitage of the Glorified Christ, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Foot-wash; they prayed the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and shared the Ecumenical Communion.

Harmonization of the House of Immaculate Peace

Inthe closing, on Sunday in the House of Pilgrims, those who were present evaluated the experience and listened to the messages of Mary that touch on the importance of the Marian Centers and the call to the collaborators to support these places with prayer, practical tasks and financial support. A lot of pilgrims formalized their offers of cooperation in some Marian Center for the accomplishment of administrative tasks or for diffusion from their houses.

In the Marian Center of the Child-King, about 40 people participated in the same spiritual exercises and practical tasks. They also presented suggestions on how to more effectively assist the devotional complex and gathered donations for the completion of the House of Prayer.