In order to soften the pain of those who lost their belongings during the heavy rains that struck the city of Carmo da Cachoeira in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the Fraternidade-International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), the Light-Community of Figueira, the City Hall and the local population gathered to help those affected.

The volunteers joined forces to meet the most urgent needs of those affected by the floods. The City Hall provided houses, through social rent, for the families that lost their dwellings and became vulnerable in the face of what happened.

The network of support active in the city asked for the collaboration of all to help with donations of mattresses, sheets, blankets, towels, beds, stoves, refrigerators, besides personal hygiene items and non-perishable foods. A truck of the Community of Figueira helped in the collection and distribution of these items.

Helentiana, a missionary of the Fraternidade (FIHF), responsible for the emergency sector of the organization, spoke about all the work carried out as a team, “It was a beautiful work of union and readiness that managed, in two days, to help mitigate the pain and sadness of these families that had their houses filled by the flooding waters and lost everything.”

The donated objects were brought to the Casa da Criança (Children’s House) where the Reference Center of Social Assistance (CRAS) is located. The families received donations according to their needs, identified by social assistants through interviews.

Mother Maria do Salvador, of Grace Mercy Order (GMO), is closely accompanying the work conducted, and remembers that “many are the cities in several states of Brazil in similar or even worse conditions, but little actions, done in a simple and loving way, bring peace and comfort to all the needy.”