In the area of the Animal Kingdom, the Light-Community New Earth, affiliated to the Fraternity – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF), cares for more than 150 animals, including dogs, cows, horses, pigs, geese, ducks, chickens and cats. This quantity of animals at a certain point posed a dilemma for the residents of the Light-Community: what to do with such a large amount of waste that they produced on a daily basis.

The issue of soil and water contamination arose and so the search for conscious, sustainable alternatives to this situation began. “Through indications we found the “Taboa Engenharia” group, which became our partner in this endeavor. Together with the members we saw that the installation of a biodigester would be ideal for our context,” they say.

Base for the installation of the biodigester

The model of the biodigester chosen has a very complete system because the animal waste is placed there, which undergoes an anaerobic fermentation without risk of contamination of the soil, water or people. This fermentation generates a gas, called biogas, which is channeled to an appropriate cooker and is used as fuel for the cooking of the dogs’ food, in the kitchen of the Animal Kingdom.

Besides this, the biodigester generates a by-product during fermentation, which is its own fermented organic matter, transformed into a very rich bio-fertilizer, suitable for the irrigation of ornamental and vegetable gardens.

Installation process

However, the task is not yet complete, there is still the need to care for the water used in the daily washing of the kennels. “We have a project to conduct this water to filtering gardens composed of aquatic plants with filter roots, which would then go to a circle of banana trees to complete the purification and then be reabsorbed by the soil,” the residents of Light-Community explain.

Installation of the biodigester

“We continue in our efforts so nature will suffer fewer impacts, taking care of the Kingdoms as a whole, from beginning to end. For those who are willing to collaborate with the expansion of our water and sewage treatment please contact us through whatsapp: (21) 99257-5844”, they invite.